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So it’s difficult. It’s overwhelming. I didn’t comprehend the lack of English speaking people.

But it’s exciting.

There is a massive mix of emotions all combining together, enough to make me possibly tear up. We got settled into our new “home” which is a studio flat. It’s pretty awesome. I even bought a plant.

I’ve met some really cool people already, mostly guys. (All of Angelo’s friends) it’s like being a student all over again. I’m not complaining. 

We went into town for a ice cream tonight, probably the best thing that is yet to touch my taste buds. I’m not even exxagerating, and the ice cream shop looked like it was a baker (pictures to follow) .

Our apartment overlooks fields which is pretty tranquil, and we spent the afternoon watching the dogs hunt rabbits. Yes, that’s a thing here. 

Another thing that blows my mind, is that people literally live above shops here, every stereotype you can imagine… It is. It’s beautiful. The best thing I’ve ever seen, apart from the mind boggling Botswana sunsets across the delta, obviously. 

Will post again tomorrow,

Stay Brave,



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