Something Quiet

Personally, I think I write better than I talk. I’m more descriptive, more eloquent.

My speech is filled with the useless words such as “like” or “whatever” words that take up space in our mouths but never mean anything real, or concrete.

Sometimes I sit in front of a computer screen for hours, not knowing what will come out, and some way or another, how will I all put it together, but somehow it always works. Its almost as if I have given my body to express itself in a way my mind can not form into words on a regular day. Or rather on any day where I have to function as a normal part of society, my “writing” days, are normally filled with coffee, little sleep (Sometimes too much) and a whole lot of doing nothing.

We’ve built a society around speaking loudly and attracting attention, while saying nothing at all (look at Donald Trump) when in actual fact, what we need to say needs to be painted in such a way that the words we speak don’t bombarded the listener, but serenade someone into having no other option but to agree. No, not propaganda, or brainwashing, rather simple intelligence, being able to articulate yourself adequately without using the influences of “nothingness” culture blur your vision. What strikes the voyeur most while watching a movie is not the heavy metal you hear during the action scenes (Which I am not against) it’s the tension created in the single note repeated over and over again during a horror film. Ja’ Feel me?!

I aspire to write, to motivate other people to do the same, in fact, I URGE other people to do the same. I want them to experience the freedom of having your mind empty itself onto a blank piece of paper, allow the story to finish itself. It will, and I can promise you it will be something fantastic.

Be Brave,



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  1. Richard
    June 19, 2016 / 1:59 am

    Clever. A satisfying read. Yet also creates a desire for more

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