1 month of miracles: Young and Free

So last night our church group travelled to the heart of Milano, to a club called “Fabrique” to immerse ourselves in worship to Jesus. We went to go and watch, as well as worship with a group called Hillsong; Young and Free (Check them out!!) There were about 500 people, of all ages and stages there. I know what you’re thinking 500 people?! that doesn’t sound like much…. Yes, but you have to understand where this is coming from, a large part of this country is “unchurched” they know Jesus as the Godfather, not God the father. so 500…. thats about 490 more people than we expected. IT WAS AMAZING!!

There were people with friends and family, everyone was friendly, and we were welcomed into the nightclub by a tunnel of people cheering us in. How much like heaven will that be?! It created an instant vibe, and you just feel so incredibly blessed to be there, more importantly, Angelo and I were super excited that we got to share it with some of our friends.

The worship was flowing and Jesus was definitely there, showing love, grace and mercy to all who cried out for Him. One of the most incredible things that I experienced last night was the ability of the youth, to now worry about being called awkward, strange or even creepy while worshipping, they just went for it! I think this world owes the youth a major apology for making them believe that they can not be taken seriously. What we saw last night was youth as young as 10 and people as old as 60 all worshipping the one true King, with nothing holding them back.

I look forward to the future, and what it will bring, I’m incredibly excited to be part of this revival that will surely spread across Europe with no plan on stopping!

The concert ended with one of the bands most popular songs “Real Love”, this year is the year that I get to share Gods unconditional, messy, relentless love with the people around me. So I’m challenging myself to do something, and be as open as I possibly can.

This month, I will find 1 miracle EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I have no doubt God is going to surprise me, and I’m super excited for what’s gonna turn up.

1 month of miracles…..  

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