Day 1 : The big F-word

The title of this post may be a bit misleading, sorry not sorry, but most of us would rather curse than use the real F-word – Forgiveness. This is my miracle for day one, the miracle that is Jesus Christ and his unwavering, unending forgiveness.

I have always thought of myself as someone who didn’t necessarily NEED nor want anyones forgiveness. The true essence of forgiveness is not that we particularly want it, or need it, but that we are freely given it. Only once I realized that did I realize that the only reason I thought I didn’t need it was because I thought I didn’t deserve it. I wasn’t worthy of the God of the universe’s forgiveness. The ultimate invitation to a  relationship, one of which I could never remotely pull my weight in. God does all the heavy lifting for us, for me, I just accept it.

My miracle for day one may not be someone, or something, classified as “miraculous” to someone who has yet to experience the forgiveness that I have, but let me tell you… this F-word, changes lives daily. To experience forgiveness so deep, and mercy so wide the ocean has limits compared, is to experience a freedom that invites and encourages us to change the world. It gives us confidence of love, and grace.

Not only is this a once off thing, it happens everyday, I fail, I get forgiven. He is the ultimate sacrifice and I am unworthy of receiving it, yet He calls me “worthy” and “wonderful” his creation only love. This miracle is something for everyone, it might not seem like much now but it will change your life, read Gods love letter to humanity and experience the forgiveness, on record, first hand.

Waking up this morning this is what was on my mind, to explain the big F-word that humanity has obviously forgotten. A word that holds so much power, a word we are given with every sunrise, every sunset and everything in between. The miracle is His word, The Word. If this is how my miracle search is starting out, not really as a search at all, but instructions on what to write, I’m excited for what’s next.

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