Day 3: Come like the wind

I’m going to have to be completely honest here, and say that at the end of the day, currently 22:08 (which is 10:08 pm for the people who are numerically challenged like me) I had no idea what I was going to write here. I genuinely thought of giving up all together, and how this challenge was a pretty lame idea from the get go… what did I expect to see?? Limbs growing, Blind men and woman regaining sight? DAILY?! While in no way am I saying that this is impossible ( I serve an Almighty God, nothing is impossible) I am saying it’s unlikely… so naturally I was disappointed and frustrated with my highly unrealistic hopes.

The thought of giving up made me sad, and as much as I didn’t want to, I had no idea what to write. I thought about my day, and how it started. Going to gym and running my 5km on an incredibly hot treadmill, I say hot because the sun was directly on my face, zero wind, or protection, and NO AIRCON. I was a sweaty mess.

Nothing too miraculous about that, or so I thought…

Later on in the day the weather started to take a turn, nothing remotely close to a hurricane or even a storm, but the wind came up. Which, in Port Elizabeth doesn’t seem like a strange occurrence but in Pavia, is highly unusual. I was so frustrated, I had just washed my hair because of the sweaty and uncomfortable 5km run I had somehow managed to complete, and now the wind was messing it up. To make matters worse, I got practically an entire sand dune in my eyes, and freshly applied make up. Fantastic.

So that was my day… frustrating, hot, then windy.

Now, sitting in my warm, comfortable bed, safe from all the elements, I get it. I initially thought that there were no miracles of the day, when in actual fact there are two. It is such a blessing to me that I am able to experience the wild, untamed nature. Something that causes even the most hard of humans to stop, marvel and appreciate the beauty and unstoppable force that is mother nature. Secondly, the fact that I have a nice warm, comfortable and safe place to sleep, relax and enjoy life with my love.

This day was filled with miracles, all I had to do was open my eyes.

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  1. Richard
    October 7, 2017 / 9:09 am

    Hi, This post came up first in a Google search…I wasn’t expecting it; skim read some, jumped to your next post & skim read a bit, then realised there was a series of daily updates so read more a bit more to discover the theme.

    I like it!

    I look forward to where this journey will take you. Might not check in regularly, but expect I’ll eventually return…


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