Day 4 : What makes you happy?

Today I’m incredibly thankful for the people that God has placed in my life. For the people we get to share our life in Italy with, as well as the people we have at our “home base”. Serving makes me happy. To serve people is what drives me.

We had church today, a Saturday, because tomorrow we are going for a hike in the Alps, casual. After church, our South African friend stayed behind to watch a bit of rugby, it made me thankful for our heritage, and all that goes with it. Amidst all the screaming, crying and all the “COME ON BOYS!!!” I realized what I was most thankful for, what my miracle for the day was. I’m glad for one thing today and that is home. Simple, comfortable, messy, and awkward home. In all the ways I have experienced it. I’m thankful for both of our homes in South Africa (Angelo’s home, and mine) with all the crazy families, pets and love. I miss home, and our friends and family everyday, but above all that I am blessed that I get to have and share a home here, in Italy.

I am in awe how God has taken our TINY, and by tiny I literally mean 2 room house, and turned it into a place of discussion, love, forgiveness and a solace for other people who maybe miss their families too. I have come to love our home here, and I would trade it for the world.

When we first moved in to this apartment specifically (our previous one was even smaller, basically a bachelor room) I was adamant that this would never feel like home. I swept the floor hundreds of times, cleaned shelves and emptied dustbins, nothing helped. Only when I was at rest did it feel comfortable, I could relax in this space. I wasn’t worried about not having seating for quests or not having enough glasses for people to have water from, I just relaxed. By doing that we invite others to do the same, a sort of take me how I am appeal. Now this is home, and I couldn’t imagine anywhere else taking its place.

I want this to be home for everyone, a safe haven, a warm hug at the end of the day. So this is my miracle: home. Not the physical building but the people, mess, and reckless love that makes a family, that’s home to me, and that is a miracle.

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