Day 5 : Walking in the Alps

Today, Angelo, Victor, Mary and I went for a nice 16km hike in a nature reserve in the Alps – Pictures are at the bottom of this post. I originally wanted to make this post about how miraculous nature, and our incredible surroundings are, but then I remembered I had already done that (and secretly hated myself for making that topic so broad). Then my thoughts changed to our friends, and how blessed we are to have them, we had to use Victor’s car to get here – a 2 hour drive. Once again I realized I had sort of already touched on that.

Then I realized, that purely my ability to be able to do a 16 km hike, with nothing hindering me in anyway was a miracle itself. My legs carried me the whole way – with a couple of steps where my knees did most of the walking, hello grazed knees. My legs are my miracle for the day. I am completely able bodied, although I have the co-ordination of a baby giraffe, and the lungs of an 80 year old for the most part (thanks asthma) I am healthy, fit, and excited to explore.

I realize that many people will not be as privileged as I have been living here, and I want to be able to share these experiences with you, as best I can.  Today I was just thankful that I get to do life in a relatively “normal” way. I was able to climb a mountain, and take in the view with nothing physically worrying me.

My body is my temple, I plan on looking after it as well as I can. Respecting it, feeding it, and loving it. Sure my thighs might jiggle a little bit more than the average person,  BUT I CAN CLIMB UP A MOUNTAIN. That’s something.

Today society puts so much pressure on what you look like, rather than what you can do.  My body carried me up 16 kms of mountain side, it can also carry life (one day, don’t get excited). Laziness kills a lot of hopes and dreams, and I pray I will never be that. I am thankful that I get this body, with all its uses, aches and pains, and maybe faulty lungs, but I’m thankful.. because this is what I have now, and it’s the only one I will get.

Jesus, thank you for my body, that I get to use it to experience you in so many ways. Thank you for your body, that you shared and offered as a sacrifice, so that I wouldn’t have to sacrifice mine.


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  1. Richard
    October 13, 2017 / 8:02 am

    Well said!

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