Day 6: My Italian Love

To me there are few things as important to my life than my husband. This man is everything to me, he is my shelter, my greatest supporter, my teacher and my best friend. Today I was having one of those days when you just don’t feel like yourself… you know what I’m talking about… those lie in bed, eat junk food and watch 1000 movies, see people as little as possible days. So yeah, that was what my day was shaping up to be.

For those of you who know Angelo personally, know that he is an incredibly active and driven man, which can sometimes be difficult for me to keep up keeping up (during my bad days specifically) but I’m learning. He goes to gym everyday, and I… well, lets just say I try. Haha! Today was one of those days, and he never pushes me, which sometimes makes me feel even worse. I’m such a loser.

My husband is one of a kind, he is my greatest blessing by miles, and I will forever be grateful to God for allowing our paths to cross. He is my miracle. This man, is someone who has changed my life in so many ways, its unthinkable. He leads me on adventures, he brings me home, and he is all that any girl could want. (What adds to it, is obviously his incredibly good looks, I mean come on….. HAVE YOU SEEN HIM?! ) Thank you Jesus.

Yesterday he took me on a hike, and loved me no less than today, when I barely wanted to get out of bed. He wrote me a letter, and left it by my ready-made coffee. This is the kind of man God wants for you ladies, this is what your heart wants. This man loves me in all my shapes and sizes, in my happiness and in my sad sushi roll of blanket phase. Marriage is the best, and whoever says otherwise is lying. Sure its difficult, but the pro’s far outlay the con’s. Neither of us claim to be perfect, but we are claiming to try and be better.  His love gives me the freedom to want more for myself, I want to be better for him. I will be better for him, for me, and for our Creator. #goodgetsbetter


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  1. Richard
    October 25, 2017 / 7:53 am

    Marriage is character building. The Creator uses it to make us better – its great when you can enjoy the journey! 🙂

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