Day 7: work work work work work

For those of you who don’t necessarily know my situation.. here it is: I moved to Italy shortly (2 weeks exactly) after I got married. With no job, no knowledge of the language, and obviously only Angelo to rely on, my long journey to finding work started. You see, I have to earn the money, Angelo is currently studying (In his final year thank the Lord) and I am the breadwinner, which is fine. I am happy to do it, and I genuinely am happier when I’m working.

Now comes the difficult part, finding work. Italy was ranked the worst place for an expat woman to find a job. Which I have dealt with first hand. Our first year, I would travel to different cities, and towns, arrive home at 10pm and only get about 20 Euros. I had to do it, we needed the money. Angelo and I were also hoping that And would manage to get the scholarship through his university, which entitled us to a free lunch, and a small amount of “spending” money, but that completely fell through- we got nothing. During this time, God provided. I literally do not know where our money came from, but we ALWAYS had enough to pay rent and buy food. (We could even afford a gym membership).

Fast forward to 3 years in, I have a good client base, and I manage to only work until 7pm almost every night. Which I am incredibly amazed by, I have to turn away work now because I simply do not have enough time. God has shown us he can provide, His promises are NEVER empty. He delivers what He has said he will, I never have to worry.

I come back from a two month holiday, and people are already asking me to start work. In all seriousness, I’m a relatively lazy person, despite knowing I’m happier when I work, I try procrastinate whenever I can. This is my miracle for day 7, the fact that I moved to one of the most difficult countries to work it, and I have had to turn away work, because I simply do not have the time to do it. God makes a way in the desert, He has never once let me down, and there is no way He will start now.

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