Day 9: Rest, coffee, repeat

Today is a Thursday, it isn’t usually a rest day for me, but my lesson for the day cancelled. (I haven’t started working at the schools yet) So I had an ENTIRE day to myself, I stayed in bed a little bit later than usual, then I headed to gym. Angelo was in surgery today, (as the doctor, calm down, there is nothing wring with him) so I knew that I had a lot of time in my hands.

I walk to gym, because we are yet to get a buss pass, it costs about 90 Euros, so I walk about 1.5 km’s to gym. Its actually really nice to be outside, I listen to music and I take in the fresh air, its like a forced outside walk. So I made it to gym, did my workout and walked back, at this time it was about 11:30. I got home, showered and got dressed and waited for Ang to let me know when to meet him for lunch. It was the most amazing thing to just be able to breathe a bit between things. I could take my time. After lunch I even went for coffee with a friend. Amazing.

God quite literally demands that we rest, It is good for the soul. I think in today’s age we often forget that rest, is as important if not more important than constantly being on the go. Its often encouraged in the media to be a “hustler” and a “boss”, or my favourite “build an empire” which is all great and I stand behind all of those 100%, but I want you to remember that it is also okay just to take it easy. Be at rest in your body, mind and soul.

We get to re-orientate ourselves when we rest, take a look at what we have accomplished, and just live in the moment a little bit. I’m most at rest when I am with my friends, when all we have is time, and we get to laugh together and make memories, that’s when I try to take a mental picture, so that when I’m too busy to even have coffee I can remind myself why its important. Also, coffee… this is the good stuff, rest and coffee.

Thank you Jesus for rest, for reminding us that there is so much more to life than constantly being on the run. We get to breathe you in when we remind ourselves just to breathe.

Miracle 9 – Rest, rest, rest.

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