Day 10: The magic of music

Yes, I realize that I missed a day, well technically I didn’t miss  it, I wrote my miracle down, I just forgot to post it. So here it is, the 10th day, posted in the 11th.

I thought it appropriate to let you all know that I woke up on the very wrong side of the bed this morning. Everything was wrong, and I mean EVERYTHING. To make matters worse, is that it took me a good hour to get my morning coffee. For me coffee is life, an hour is a long time without my morning coffee. So needless to say, it was not an easy morning for me.

However, something that has always been able to change my mood has been music. Music, specifically worship music has the ability to completely change my outlook, and it never ceases to change my mood. I read this amazing quote the other day and I thought it super applicable:

“When you enter His presence with praise,

He enters your circumstances with power.”

This perfectly explains everything that happens to me when it comes to my crazy mood swings. Praise and worship completely shifts my mind from my problems, and how big and impossible they are, to the problem solver and how big and incredible He is.

This is not going to be a very long post, granted my previous ones haven’t been too long either, but that is my miracle for today. Yet again I am reminded that even when it seems hopeless and incredibly disheartening there will always be something to be thankful for. Listen to a sing and actually pay attention to the lyrics, believe them, truly believe them, and watch how your day can completely shift around.

It reminds me that we have to be careful with what we listen to everyday, the sound, the lyrics, as well as the words we speak over each other. I thank Jesus that I have the ability to just put my headphones in and tune out the world. Listen and Praise Him, because there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for.


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  1. Richard
    October 25, 2017 / 8:03 am

    Less is more.

    I’m liking the length. I didn’t make time to check in regularly so catching up now. I have a thought to share which I’ll refine as I go through the next few days…

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