Day 13: Long walks, long talks

Here in Italy, we don’t own a car. you just don’t need one, and if we do then we rent it from a company that rents out electric cars. Simple really, if anything cars actually are more of a liability than anything else, with insurance, special parking badges and all the other things that come with owning your own mode of transport. So naturally, we either use bikes (I’m not quite as comfortable on a bike in heavy traffic as angelo is) or we use the mode of transport that the good Lord gave us… feet. We walk everywhere.

We have been eating lunch and supper at one of the cafeterias in the city, we eat for free because the students with scholarships get one free meal a day. Anyway, we get to walk to them at 12pm and 7pm everyday. It isn’t too far, I would say probably about 800 metres away at most. I have really come to appreciate these walks, because it gives us time to speak to one another. We get to catch up about each others days, listen and walk, its also a great excuse to get outside.

It made me realize that if you don’t get this time of walking, or even if you don’t get any other form of  “down time” with your spouse, when do you actually talk? I mean, when do you really connect?? I realize its difficult for most people, trust me, during my busy period of work I basically do not see Angelo, but that made me all the more grateful for these daily walks that we get to do together.

I really encourage people, just to step outside for a bit, take a walk with your significant other, away from the distractions of everyday and really get to connect. I have learned to listen better, as well as chose my words more wisely. I no longer have to rattle off but I get to take my time, and explain myself.

Day 13 miracle, is for sure the miracle of getting to spend quality time with my husband, while being in my favourite place… outside.

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  1. Richard
    October 25, 2017 / 8:21 am

    Electric cars – yay! Pleased to hear you have that option. What make/model?

    The numbers here are more than doubling each year, from a low base. We’re on the verge of buying an imported old Nissan Leaf.

    The regular walks together sound really great for relationship strengthening & deepening.

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