Day 14: That student, part-time job

I haven’t been sleeping very well recently, and this morning I woke up (well actually Angelo let me sleep in) and I had a full blown cold. Since living in Italy I don’t get sick very often, but because of the lifestyle here when you do get sick, you feel it. Mostly because of all the walking around, and the frigid air. Luckily at the moment it isn’t too cold… but anyway I digress…

So I woke up and I was sick, great. Being the only provider means that if I don’t manage to work, or I’m not able to work, we lose out on money. (Just for the record Angelo is super okay with that, it’s usually me who is bothered by it) So anyway, I have to do my lessons. Luckily during this time of the year I  have yet to start teaching at the schools in the morning so I only do private lessons. which means that I got to take the morning slow, and only got dressed around 10:30 am, which was spectacular. On top of that, my first lesson was at the house, which meant I didn’t actually have to leave, apart from going to lunch. The second lesson was a bit of a disaster, because I almost got lost, blame it on the flu, and my sense of direction went completely out of the window, anyway, I got it done.

Today, that is what I am thankful for, although I sometimes complain that I have to work really difficult hours, I will be forever grateful that I get to pick and choose my hours (mostly). I am basically a student again, for now at least. I am fortunate enough to work from home, and when I’m not, I’m either walking to someone else’s house, or at a school (which usually comes later). So even though this can be draining, difficult, and emotionally damaging (JOKING) its something that I, or rather we, need and it has been made easy for us. I get to be my own boss. In most cases.

  • DISCLAIMER- Unless you guys support me in my dream job, and follow my blog. Maybe I will legit get to do what I love for the rest of my life 😉
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