Day 15 : Iron sharpens iron

If there is one thing that has always attracted me to Angelo its his passion. There is something that is truly amazing to watch, when you find your partner passionate about something.  Apart from being a doctor, one of the things he loves most in the world is photography. On top of his hobby, he does almost anything with passion, courage and enthusiasm. 

Seeing him be so passionate about something encourages me to try harder, work with more passion. Although he encourages me verbally, I think watching him being passionate about something, encourages me more than any words. I want to see the world they way he does through the lens, with wonder and curiosity. Angelo pushes himself in whatever he does, and I want to be like that.  I want to be someone who encourages other people through my passion.  

Today’s blog post is a short one, yes yes they all are, I get it, but really… That’s about it.  My miracle for day 15 is passion, particularly the fact that I’m married to one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met.  

We all need a little passion in our lives. 

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