Day 16: He’s in the waiting 

Being a part-time student/teacher means there are crazy busy times, where I work long hours, with no rest, and then there is the waiting periods. Lots and lots of waiting. At the moment I’m in one of those periods, I’m waiting to receive emails for jobs, I’m waiting for the promise of work that will come.. What do I do during these endless hours of nothingness??  I watch movies.  Series, movies, documentaries, tutorials on hair and make up, anything to numb the nothing. 

Today, my lesson for the day canceled and failed let me know in advance, so I planned a whole day of just sitting at home, which to be honest, sometimes I don’t mind so much.  It made me appreciate being alone, I get time to spend on myself.  Self improvement if you must. 

Today that is my miracle, being able to spend this much time and still being able to earn money. That’s why I think Jesus is in the quiet times, of being alone, just as much as he is in the loud roar of worship in a mega church. 

My miracle is sitting at home, waiting for work to roll in and knowing that I will never have to worry, because he will provide the right amount.  I feel like this post was similar to one of my previous ones, but to me it’s different, it’s a quite confidence. That’s my miracle, peace. 

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