Day 17: I scream,  you scream

Usually Angelo and I are pretty good when it comes to our diet, limited carbs, lots of protein and veg. But tonight was cheat night, Fridays we have ice-cream.  Yes, ice-cream in Italy IS all its cracked up to be. We go to a small place called “Cesare”  literally 10 metres from our front door, to this small little 1950’s Italy styled diner.  

We walk, and eat our ice-cream along the streets of Italy.  The dream. Ice-cream makes you think of all the good things in life, it tastes sweet, it’s cheap, and it’s always better when shared.  Overall it just makes you happy, I mean who can be side while you eat ice-cream?! 

Naturally I had a meltdown about how fat I’m going to get after eating it. My darling of a husband was able to calm me down and convince me that he would always love me.  Haha, girls, we’re a handful. 

So ice-cream, that is my miracle, literally happiness in a cup. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I live in a country where ice-cream is a food group. 

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  1. Richard
    October 25, 2017 / 8:29 am

    Ice cream can carry guilt, but chocolate (dark, fair trade) is good for stress so a healthy option…& should also be food group.

    Not quite as social though – you cant sit round consuming for any length of time and still call it healthy. 😉

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