Day 18 &  19: Here and there 

Yes yes, I am human, I miss a couple of days every now and then, I apologise.  However, I never forget to take note of my miracles, and I swear I have them written down in my mind before I post anything. 

Day 18: Safety first

On Saturday our group of friends went out for pizzas at one of the most amazing pizzerias in Pavia. Now, Italian culture demands that you don’t eat earlier that about 7:30 pm,  so naturally our reservation was for 8 pm, pretty late for us South Africans who usually eat dinner around 6:30pm. Anyway, it was amazing as usual, good food, and good company. 

After dinner we decided to go for a walk in the city centre,  the piazza, there was a chocolate market in progress, and I mean… Who says no to that?!  It was around 10:30pm when we were walking through, the nightlife in Italy is incredible, the city literally comes alive. Anyone from teenagers to toddlers are out that time. 

After our walk we walked home, which is about 800m from the piazza. That’s my miracle, the fact that I get to live a life like this with absolutely no fear. It’s a complete freedom, it’s safe. Safe to walk the streets at 12am… With a chocolate Brioche. 🙂 

Day 19: When opportunities knock

We did church 3 times today, we watched in bed this morning, went to meet our church group at 2pm, and then logged in to watch our church in the evening.  If you know Angelo and I,  you’ll know that we LOVE doing church together. It’s our home. 

We’ve been struggling to find a space to have church here in Italy, because of the strict rules,but today, we find a spot. Secretly. Under the pretence that we are watching a movie, we had church, and it was amazing!! So we hope to keep it, in our secret little movie theatre. 

Opportunity, He never ceases to amaze,  in more than one area in our lives, that is my miracle. 

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  1. Richard
    October 25, 2017 / 8:31 am

    I’m reading in order so had no idea chocolate was next to feature when I commented on yesterday’s!

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