Day 21 : Days are a little shorter… 

We are going into winter here, and my other home is going into summer.  I’ve never lived in a place where the seasons are so easy to tell apart, so different and so so beautiful in their differences. Growing up in Botswana, every season was hot, literally ever day. South Africa is much the same, with a slight dip in temperature for the winter, nothing drastic.  Here, specifically in Pavia, winter and summer could not be further apart. 

Walking he from my lesson today, that finished at 6:30pm, usually its still fairly light, today it was just a tiny bit darker. The sun sets faster in winter, and those extra hours are the difference between coming home and leaving in the dark.  Doesn’t seem like much, but trust me after a busy day, it isn’t ideal. 

Anyway, the difference has made me appreciate the seasons so much, summer is amazing, autumn has the leaves, spring has its flowers, and winter has hot chocolate and cuddles. Each is beautiful in its difference, and without the others, you wouldn’t notice it as much. I think people should look at their differences more like that, it’s something that makes each one beautiful. 

Today, that is my miracle, difference. 

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  1. Richard
    October 25, 2017 / 8:43 am

    Unless you say I cant, I plan to quote the last 5 lines. That is award winning thought capture (I reckon anyway).

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