Day 24 : A calm, unpredictable storm

Today we had our second Italian lesson for the week, two hours of pure Italian. I got locked out of my apartment, and worked until 7pm, but then had the biggest kebab for dinner so it made up for it. Quite an eventful day, so far, I would say.

While in our Italian lesson, which I am slowly but surely getting the hang of (YAAAAAAAAAY), I realized that one day our children will grow up in an incredibly multi-cultural home. Me, with my African heritage, and Angelo with his African- Italian one… knowing it is quite likely we will end up living in Europe somewhere, this poses for a very well traveled and cultural childhood one day.

That was a completely random paragraph, but interesting… I think anyway ūüėČ

Okay so today’s miracle, for those of you who may not know, something that I have battled a long time with is anxiety, like the can’t breathe, pain in my chest anxiety. Fun.

Today through my crazy rushed afternoon, where I was late to two of my lessons, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. Jesus literally changed my life, I know that what will pass was not meant for me, and whatever comes my way, I can face. (I realize that seems a bit extreme, considering I was late to two lessons, but its a metaphor)

Today, my miracle is peace. A calm, at ease spirit, that compliments the spontaneity in my life. like a calm, unpredictable storm. simple right?! Such is life. haha!

Off to Ice cream now, the joys of living in a country where Ice cream is life.

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