Day 25 : Pancakes for dinner

Do you know what I love about marriage?! It’s that you can both be complete children together, and still have a fairly “grown up” life, NO RULES!! So tonight, we had pancakes for dinner, because YOLO. I’m forever thankful to God for blessing me with a lover that has a spontaneous spirit that matches mine, if not, sometimes even challenges mine. It was the best, breakfast for dinner.

Small Disclaimer here… Angelo and I fast every morning for breakfast, this was our cheat meal. Don’t judge, we NEVER eat breakfast. no joke.

Today was just one of those chill days, we did washing, watched some rugby and went to gym. At about 5pm we went for a walk, Ang wanted to take some photos, and well, who am I to say no to a new Profile Picture?! Off we went in search of the perfect Autumn themed photos. While we were walking home we were quite literally surprised by the most incredible sunset, it genuinely just appeared in like 2 minutes. I was just overcome with the most incredible feeling of being alive, and the amazing gift that life is to all of us. I think far too often we take it for granted with the whole world putting weight on our very existence. Life is something to be cherished and never once taken for granted, I aim to live with a more present frame of mind.

My miracle is life, and the great, spectacular and breathtaking things that come with it.









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  1. Richard
    October 30, 2017 / 9:22 am

    A more present frame of mind actually sounds really good.

    I wonder that in heaven there is only living in the present. Without future there is no worry, without past there is no regret. For God all time is the present.

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