Day 26 : That supportive friend

When I first started thinking about publishing a blog, around 2 years ago, I ended up doing it but never really fully committing. Honestly, I was scared of what the outcome would be – feelings of inadequacy and rejection, so naturally things didn’t work out, and it was an epic fail. Recently, on our visit home for the summer, I spoke to a friend – Bre, who also happens to have an incredibly successful blog (Follow her ) , explaining how it was my dream to have something successful online, to share a bit of my life with the world. She was so incredibly encouraging and motivating that I actually felt bad telling her all the reasons why I shouldn’t do it.

On another occasion, my best friend showed me how to do make up (I’ve always wanted to know how to do make up in a semi-decent fashion, and I am just hopeless) She literally showed and explained what every brush and powder was for, took photos and bought me the brushes for my birthday. How great are my friends… the best?!

I think supporting one another has really taken a back seat in this world of competition, and I’m not talking about the “here is 1 million bucks for your start up company support” it can be as simple as an encouraging word, or a “Hey, you look beautiful today”. Just today I saw an Instagram story of how one person can change the way others see themselves. #inspired

Today, publishing this blog, despite all my fears and past failures (granted I’ve started a blog about 64 different times) I am determined to make a success of it. The support and encouraging words and messages I got were mind-blowing.

My miracle today is the support that one human being is able, and hopefully willing, to give to another.

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  1. Richard
    October 30, 2017 / 8:27 am


    So true.

    I’ve been to a citizenship ceremony this evening. Thought I was supporting one British family becoming ‘kiwi’ but turns out there was also a Filipino family we’re friends with + a guy from work (& the parents sitting next to me joined in cheering for ‘my’ families so we talked more afterwards – they’ve been out from Siuth Africa for 6 1/2 years). Journeying together feels better, & the extra encouragement humans can share is powerful.

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