Day 27 : Diversity and Adversity 

I’m so incredibly thankful for the diversity in this world, as I’ve spoken about in a previous post, but I think what I’m even more thankful for is the adversity from which it stems. 

Today I posed a simple question on am Internet forum,  thinking all is good in the world,  and I was met with such malice that I deleted the account immediately.  (fairly childish, I know, but that’s what I did)  In all honestly, I got upset by it, put on my tracksuit pants and slippers,  and had a small self pity party.  Bad. 

When I eventually recovered from my wallow in the kiddies pool, I realized that this was just another hurdle to jump, a bit dramatic, but it doesn’t mean I have to stop the race. Angelo and I have faced many difficulties before, and it’s never stopped us. (Granted, he is MUCH more positive than I am) Getting married so young, and moving countries doesn’t come without its tribulations. All of these, although unpleasant and seemingly never ending at the time, are what grow us.  You don’t grow in your place of comfort.  

I realise now, that if I want to pour my heart and soul into something, like this blog, I am going to have to face adversities. BRING IT ON!! 

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