Day 29 : Second last and sun

So…  Second last day is here,  that happened quick. Today Ang and I went on a little adventure which I will share with you all later on in the week, so stay tuned. 

I want to talk a bit about the gift that writing is to me. I LOVE to write, I remember rewriting quotes, and song,  literally all the time at school, and even before that.  My friends and I would write 4 page letters to each other. Writing to me is such an incredible form of communication, its literally painting a picture in someone else’s mind of what you see. 

Today my miracle is the miracle of pen to paper (or in my case keyboard to phonescreen).  I want this to be something permanent something that I can look back on one day, and show my children. Thank you to you guys for being the silent readers, and listeners.  Words to me are so much more than that, they are emotion. 

Also, on a side note, another miracle for me today was the sun, without it I probably would have frozen to death on the side of the road.  Haha! 


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  1. Richard
    November 5, 2017 / 6:24 pm

    Can I use this please:
    “Writing is … painting a picture in someone else’s mind of what you see.” 💯✅

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