If you’re anything like me, you love holidays. Exploring new places, and eating new things. All the while partially forgetting your dreary, little old life. Again, if you’re anything like me, a holiday that is more than 3 days, and you haven’t been to the gym or have eaten badly, once you’re back into your old routine the feeling of guilt sets in.

Now I can sit here and write about how it’s not healthy to feel guilty about enjoying yourself, but we all know the guilt will set in regardless. The aim of this blog post is to lessen the guilt if you do happen to have any, and help you keep up your lifestyle, even while you’re enjoying yourself, after all the healthy lifestyle should be about enjoying yourself!


  1. Try to stay clear of excessive carbs and sugars

This is a particularly difficult one, especially while you’re on holiday. Honestly, my heart literally beats for carbs, potatoes, bread, pasta, pizza you name it, and I will immediately start drooling. Luckily I live with a man who has a firm understanding of what carbs do to your body, so we eat carbs only once a day, seeing as we live in Italy this is very little.

So when we are travelling I don’t limit my carbs, as much as I limit my sugar intake. I don’t take sugar in my coffees and limit the ‘pure sugar’ treats, like cake and brioches. I will have one biscuit instead of 3 or 4. It helps with my “guilty” feeling.



I find that I can never drink enough water while we travel. This is especially true if we fly anywhere, the only thing to drink is water. It helps you feel refreshed, you avoid the unnecessary sugars, and it keeps you hydrated.

When we travel, we always pack an extra water bottle, if you forget, don’t stress, just buy one and keep filling it up. Luckily in Europe there are SO many free water taps that you will see while you walk through the cities, all of these provide free, cold mountain water. That is all we drink.

Not only does it stop you from drinking unnecessary sugar, but it also helps in keeping you from eating too much. I find when I drink water regularly I’m far less likely to ‘binge eat’ on something sweet.



If I know we aren’t going to be doing much walking, or hiking on that day, I like to do a quick HIIT session before we leave our accommodation. It doesn’t have to be anything hectic, but just a 30 min routine, some sit-up, push-ups, squats or lunges. Just so I know I’m burning some calories that day, and….


So yeah guys, that’s all I have when it comes to staying fit and active while you’re on holiday. I’m fortunate in that most of our holidays are usually incredibly active ones, so I don’t have to worry too  much about doing any extra exercises.

Tell me about your holidays, are you an active or more of a resting holiday go-er??


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