We are always on the move, and because of that I am usually exhausted by the time I get to bed, so reading , my Bible usually falls to the way side, I know it shouldn’t but in the effort of being truthful I am sure you can all relate. So these are tips that have to do with anything that is outside actually reading the bible, which is obviously the best option.

  • LISTEN TO PODCASTS / USE APPS: In the same way that music is easy to listen to, podcasts are another way of diving into the word, although sometimes I do feel like I would like to have a pen and paper with me to take notes. Usually I listen to Fathers House, my Church in South Africa, or anything else I can get my hands on! Naturally Bible apps are also quick and easy to use, specifically the YOU VERSION . Honestly, try it out!
  • DISCUSSION: Sometimes either Angelo and I will come to a realization about something that the Bible speaks about, and we open the conversation up and ask each other thoughts on the topic. Now, we don’t always agree, and I think that is healthy, because it allows for more research and more digging.

I have also had many of my readers and followers ask about how they can stay in the word, and not “loose touch” while they travel. If I’m honest, I can definitely feel far from God if I don’t read my Bible regularly, also because there is no “non Catholic” church in Pavia, it can be tough, So I have teamed up with one of my favourite Bloggers/Instagrammers, who has become a friend over Instagram and have asked her what tips she can offer too!

Abby is someone I have looked to for inspiration, and as a goal for me to someday reach. She also runs a travel blog, and has one breathtaking Instagram page. I had this idea for a blog post, purely through her, and I wanted to share not only my thoughts on it, but hers too, considering that she basically came up with the idea! This is what she has to say about the 3 easy tips:

As a believer, staying in the word while I travel is so important to me. When you’re on the road, it is easy to escape your daily routine and be lazy, but here are some tips on how to avoid that!

  1. Bring a devotional book: When you wake up, open it up and spend a few minutes reading your devotion before you go out exploring for the day. Or if you aren’t a morning person, do it at night before bed! There are hundreds of daily devotional books but one I highly recommend that is an easy read and quick is “Jesus Calling.” I think it makes a huge difference in my mood and appreciation for all I’m seeing that day when I’ve made time for Jesus first.
  2. Make a playlist: This is my favorite. This isn’t exactly being in the word, but just hearing the words in some of my favorite worship songs lifts my spirits and I can’t help but worship throughout the day because of it. When I’m in a car ride or on a plane, I like to switch over to a worship playlist where I can escape. Some of my favorites that I recommend are: Hillsong United, All Sons & Daughters, and Elevation Worship.
  3. Bring a Journal: I don’t know about you, but my favorite way to spend time with God is by journaling! When I journal, I write down my favorite verses and list out prayers and praises. Looking back at things I’ve prayed for and to see where I’m at now with those requests is really powerful to me. I especially like to journal while I travel because I can document specific things I saw and experienced that day. You could have a conversation with someone that day and write their name down in your journal to remember to pray for them. Your heart could break over something you saw or witnessed in another country and pray for the people or that place. Journaling is a very intentional task and I highly encourage it!

Abby is one of the most down to earth people I have ever had the privileged of working with, really you should check her out! She is always on the move, and her work is incredible! It’s so refreshing to know that there are other people in the world who value the importance of keeping the faith, even while you travel. It doesn’t have to be difficult!

Where to find Abby, follow her on:

Instagram: @abbyjobowes

Facebook : Abby’s Atlas

Blog: Abby’s Atlas


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