I must admit, I’m not much of a planner. Just thinking about planning something out gives me the most out of control anxiety, I really can’t handle it. So generally Angelo does most of the planning. If we are going for 3 days, generally we will plan out the 3 days and then leave out one night time, or even maybe one day for “spontaneous” activities and adventures.

Usually we use different apps, like Trip Advisor when we are there at our destination, especially when our days are limited, we want to try the best things, we want to have the best experiences. Not something average. Anyway, this is my point, here are some of the reasons why I think its important to plan a trip, not only plan, but also do your research. The worst thing that can happen is that you’re stuck in a place that you know absolutely nothing about, like a fish out of water, especially if you don’t speak the language.

I want to leave you with some questions you can ask, or things that you can look up.

Can you drink the tap water?

Naturally, I don’t really have to explain this. We all know what happens when you drink bad water, lets’s just say you shouldn’t be too far from the bathroom. I usually have a really tough stomach, so I can handle almost anything, Angelo on the other hand… let’s just say he has the stomach of a newborn baby. So it’s always a good idea to know whether or not you need to buy water. It sounds so simple, but it truly is something that can make or break your holiday.

What type of plugs are there?

I can’t stress the importance of this enough, it took us roughly 3 trips, filled with frantically searching for shops open after 7 pm to sell us the correct plug points, for us to fully realize the importance of this research topic.

Picture this, you’ve just arrived in the city you’re staying in, its about 6 pm in the afternoon, the sun is setting and the shops are about to close. You go to open your phone up for google maps, to find you Air Bnb and BAM, battery is on 3%. This wouldn’t usually be a problem, because you could go into the nearest coffee shop and plug your phone in for a while, have some coffee and then get going, right? Wrong. The power points are different, now you are fighting the clock trying to find a shop that will sell you the correct plug point, seeing the desperation in your face they charge you double what is already a fairy pricey object.

We have experienced this one too many times, it’s not one of my favourite things about travelling, so just make sure that you are either staying with someone who has the correct plug point, or buy your own in advance, especially when travelling abroad.

What will the weather be like?

This probably doesn’t sound like something that could make or break your holiday, and for you it might not be, but to me there is absolutely nothing worse that being either too hot or too cold. We went to Germany last year, and I totally under estimated how cold it would be. I hated going outside, because I hadn’t packed enough warm clothes. So again, it might not be that important to you, but I enjoy not having to think about how cold I am while on holiday, I tend to lean more to the “I want to enjoy every bit of it that I can” side.

What is the traditional food?

For both Angelo and I, travel is so much more than just seeing a new place. We also like to think of ourselves as food tourists. We like to sample the local cuisine instead of just sticking to what we know. Naturally in Italy that’s fairly easy, apart from the fact that everything is good, it’s pretty simple to understand that pizza and pasta are the local favourites. I think there is so much more to a place than just their ‘attractions’ try the local food, you won’t be disappointed, and even if you don’t always like it you have tried something new.

So there are so many more tips that I could share with you, but I would say that these are the ones that could either make or break your holiday, without wanting to sound too dramatic. We have so many other funny stories, that I promise to share with you at a later date, there are really too many to count.

If you have any other funny stories, or tips that you could share with other people, and me, please feel free to leave a comment!

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