To be fair, I am not the one who usually makes the bookings, or looks up the accommodation, but I do have some sort of input. So today we are going to talk about what to look for in your next holiday accommodation booking; Price vs. Location.

Angelo and I have had our fair share of bad choices, let me tell you. Our first trip to Florence was a 2 night stay, we barely slept 6 hours during those two nights. We chose an apartment that was literally IN THE MIDDLE of the hustle and bustle of the city, so we got to hear it all; couples arguing, broken bottles, friends laughing… cute, but not ideal when you’re trying to get some sleep. That wasn’t the worst of it though, our bathroom was a room the size of a cupboard, and the toilet was IN THE SHOWER. Let me try and explain this better, if you closed the bathroom door, you were essentially closing the shower door, so when you took a shower, EVERYTHING got wet. Which meant that the floor was permanently wet, and you had to leave your towel in the bedroom.  First mistake learnt, the location wasn’t ideal.


  1. Location.

When choosing your accommodation, its great if its as central to the city as possible. We try to plan our day around dropping our luggage or backpacks off and then being able to explore the city “freely”. This is especially crucial when you’re looking into going to visit a European country, because usually the city centre is fairly small, and unless  you have your own transportation the train station or airports are quite far from where the action happens.

At the same time you don’t want to be exactly in the centre, because well… things can get pretty loud. So if you’re taking earplugs then by all means stay as close to the centre as possible. Bear in mind that if you do get an apartment outside of the centre it’s always nice to be able to walk through everything to get to your little place.


2. Price

We also have made mistakes when it came to the cheaper side of things… We like to live on a strict budget, which means we try to save money wherever we can. Which brings me to our budget mistake, we had a 2 night stay in Paris, and we booked what looked like an average room and bathroom. When we arrived however.. we were welcomed into this woman’s’ home, and shown to our room, of which we would share the bathroom with not only hear, but also her daughter and her daughters boyfriend. Not ideal. We also had some time on our hands, so having to “chill” in a strangers house, is not what I would call the perfect holiday. By no means was she weird or strange, she was actually very very sweet, but I preferably would prefer to have our own space.


IMG-20180408-WA0024.jpgSo yes, when looking at price, if you’re anything like us, go for the cheaper options but make sure you do your research. If you on;y have the room for the sole purpose of sleeping then it doesn’t really matter, and I would say the cheaper the better. However, if you have some down time you don’t want to have to spend it in someone else’s house.

I don’t know if this was the most practical advice I have ever given, but for someone who has never traveled before it can be easy too look over some of these points, and go with what you think is the best option. The most important bit of advice I could give you was to do you’re research, and don’t go with the first option, or the most convenient one, because usually your accommodation can make or break your entire experience.



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