We love doing hikes, the more time we get to spend outside, pushing our physical limits the better. Although to be honest, initially it took some time for me to get used to the idea, but now I love it. I find that at the end of our hikes, no matter how long or short, I always find out something about myself. Sounds ridiculous, but its true, the beginnings are always super tough, and I get really angry and frustrated with Angelo. The middle, I finally start to enjoy it, no matter how hot I’m starting to get, and at the end, I’m always so glad Angelo pushed me to get up early and do it in the first place.

Anger is my go to reaction for almost everything, its a problem I’ll be the first one to admit. So usually these hikes we go on involve getting up at an ungodly hour, and having to catch the train, usually with screaming children and Angelo who is able to sleep at the drop of a hat. No kidding, that guy can sleep ANYWHERE. So yes, back to the hike, the first 4 km are filled with profanities and me sharing my utmost contempt for Angelo and his “adventurous’ spirit. These first km I am 100% convinced that he has made me get up this early, for exercise as a punishment, or to spite me. Once I get over the initial anger and frustration, I eventually start to enjoy it.

The anger subsides, and I finally realize that starting something new, can always be uncomfortable and frustrating, especially if it’s not as easy as you first thought it would be. (Which, if we’re honest is usually how these things go) Its basically a “white girl” metaphor for life, you have to push over that hump to get to the good stuff. Of course its going to feel like you’re climbing uphill, because well… you are, but then you start to get into a rhythm and the enjoyment of said activity increases.

During the middle of the hike, I’m still fighting my natural urges to inflict pain on Angelo, but I have come to the realization that I’m clearly not getting out of this situation, and I’ve come too far to turn around. So now I’m faced with two options, I can chose to be forcibly angry the entire day, or I can just try and enjoy it despite the pain my legs are enduring. Inevitably I choose the latter, because I value my marriage over the distress that a 15km hike can cause.

So there it is, the beginning of me finally starting to enjoy the hike. Realising that it’s actually better than sitting at home watching a movie and probably binge eating junk food. Now is the part where I relate it to some life lesson, of which I have nothing. I guess when it comes down to it, you can chose your experiences in life you can be filled with anger and frustration at something new and difficult, or you can choose to see it as an opportunity and look for the positive. Hope you liked that little cliché.

The finally part of the hike is usually filled with laughs, pain and more often than not goodies from the town we ended up in. Plus of course many chocolate brioches, I need a reward right?! I end up thanking Angelo for bringing me, no…. Forcing me, to join him. This recent hike, I actually asked him why he endures the amount of verbal abuse I put him through. You know what he said?! He said that he knows I’m happiest when I’m outside and the joy he sees in me, at the end of the hike makes it all worth it… Aaaw…what a husband.

In all seriousness, and trying not to be incredible “white girl” about this blog post, the climbs are always tough, and progress can seem slow. Patience is something that the whole universe leans to its in growth, its in seasons, and it’s in relationships. I’m happy and grateful for my so called “growing pains”. They teach me to appreciate and learn from the season that I am in. Granted I’m not always a model student in patience, I’m slowly learning.

So far I’ve learnt that I want to build a community of people who are brave, not just a following of likes. I’ve learnt that I want to make genuine connections with people and not only be labelled an “influencer”. I want to be someone real, attainable and a genuine friend.

Leave me a comment on this post and tell me what you have learnt from the season you are in.


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