So before you jump to conclusions, and I start getting harassed via email. No I am not a vegan, I will probably never be a vegan, and this experiment was not about being vegan. When I mentioned that I was doing this challenge on Instagram, the amount of “join our vegan club” messages I got were completely out of hand. You do you boo, I’m not judging, but I like meat.

Phew, okay that’s out of the way.

However, what’s super interesting about doing something different is that people are immediately interested in what you are doing and why you are doing it. Which means I’m probably going to do many more challenges in the future!

This whole process was about me trying something different, because I’ve battled with skin issues forever. A friend of mine told me that she had stopped having any form of dairy and her skin completely cleared up. So hey, why not give it a try, it can only be good for me right?!

So I tried it… Initially good gosh, what a mission, going out for coffee?? Do they have soy milk? Pizza? No cheese. Pasta? No cheese. Basically all the fun things are a no go. Even yoghurt you guys…. Even yoghurt. After about a week and a bit, I started getting into the hang of things, it became a lot easier and I actually didn’t feel as “heavy” and I began to feel a lot healthier. (Again, I have no idea whether or not this is scientific, it could all have been placebo. Don’t judge me on my high horse.) After feeling my full blow of self-righteousness and egoistic eating habits I realized a couple of things about my food that I had never before:

1. I was much more aware of what I was putting in my body.

I’m usually not much of a food connoisseur and as long as I know my body can digest it, I’m going to eat it. (I used to eat 2 minute noodles/ramen noodles for almost every meal, but Angelo told me that they are basically plastic. So I had to stop that, still my guilty pleasure though). Anyway, during this month I became much more aware of what was in the food we eat, how much sugar, how much milk, how much rubbish that we can actually avoid if we put the effort into it.

2. Milk is not something you need

Okay, I’m talking about milk the drink. Like just drinking milk and cookies (which I accidentally ordered one time in Italy. Literally a cup of milk and cookies) I get that we need milk to make awesome things like ice cream and smoothies. But the actual drink itself we can totally go without. I no longer drink anything with milk. (which isn’t too hard in Italy, hello espresso)

Cheese on the other hand. Yeah, we need that good stuff.

3. Trying new things is always good.

I have never done a “food challenge” before and it was super interesting how much more aware I became. I’m seriously much more excited to try things in the future, I like how they open up my mind to new experiences and ideas. Any tips?!

And my last but certainly not least point, is that you don’t have to look like a buffoon when ordering your dairy free drink. Play it cool guys, the entire restaurant doesn’t need to know that you have soy in your coffee. Don’t be a weirdo about it.

P. S. For those who are actually interested, no, it didn’t really help my skin, in any incredible way. It might have slightly helped with the scaring, but I am going to the dermatologist on Friday. So yay for modern medicine.

P.P.S If anyone has any cool or interesting challenges you would like to see me do in the future let me know, I’ve genuinely enjoyed doing something different for a change.

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