Recently I’ve been getting quite a lot of attention on my Instagram feed, that’s not to say that I am Instagram famous by any means, but there is one photo in particular that seems to be generating the most engagement out of any others, meaning more likes, comments and shares, this photo below.


I want to share a bit of truth behind this picture. Yes, sure you see a “perfect” picture. I mean, to be honest, I think it’s a pretty incredible picture myself, all credit goes to my lovely Instagram husband. He is the real unsung hero in this story. Anyway, what I’m getting at here, is that you see this picture, and you think…. woah, it’s perfect. You’re probably not going to see all the tears and drama behind these photos, so I’m going to enlighten you.

This day, where we ventures out into the flower field, we had planned it some time in advance, because of the weather, the lighting and obviously, the day that we had the most time. So we picked a Saturday afternoon, that morning I had a full on meltdown about what I was going to wear. (It sounds super dramatic and girly, but your outfit can really make or break a picture, seriously, and coming from someone who mostly wears black. My wardrobe has needed a full on make over.) As per usual, I was comparing myself to all those other famous instagrammers who constantly have new dresses or outfits and can literally dress for the occasion.


So I had initially chosen a little Black dress, but now, black doesn’t usually reflect very well in pictures, especially the type of picture I was going for, so I had just decided well its going to be an average picture. I dug around some more, literally throwing a fit as I was throwing clothes on the bed and acting like a spoilt teenager, and I found this red one. So hey, it’s better than black right…. It’ll do. Now the dress itself, doesn’t actually have a belt, I pulled that black “belt” (It’s actually just a bit of material I tie around my waist) from a pair of pants that I have, just to break it up a bit. Okay, outfit it fine.*

* The hat in the picture, is actually slightly too big for me, as it was my dads hat, and I just stole it. So  don’t really like to wear it ‘casually’, I literally carry it in my hands around town and pretend to wear it in pictures. 

Okay so that’s the look sorted.

This was all done, and dealt with in the morning. My teenage meltdown was done by around 12 am, we had to go to lunch so I couldn’t exactly walk into a cafeteria with tear streaming down my face as a 25 year old adult.

We carried on with our day as usual, went to gym, Angelo worked on his thesis,  I compared myself to more strangers on the internet and at about 6:30 pm we left the house. Now, I’m terrible with directions and I quite literally blindly follow Angelo around. He could probably lead me off a cliff and I would go. So I didn’t exactly realize how far we would have to walk. Problem number 2. My teenage drama queen self lifts her nasty head and began complaining about how far and how hot it was.

Why did we have to walk so far?

Was it even worth it?

I shouldn’t have brought the hat with.

My bag is too heavy.


All along the way Angelo “makes me” stop and take pictures at different spots, which I am super uncomfortable and awkward with, because it’s still really busy and there are people everywhere. Big ups to my camera man for snapping the quickest shots in history I am usually not one to keep a pose very long because of my crippling social anxiety. Which usually leads to more pictures out of focus than in focus.


So we finally get to this flower field, sweaty, thirsty and upset. Mostly due to me being a pain in the neck. What you don’t get to see in these pictures is how itchy we both were because of the mosquitoes and bugs that were attached to us like the fluff under your bed would be attached to a lollipop. Now, to get outdoor photos, well technically any photo, you have to adjust the settings on the camera for all the right apature, shutter speed.. all that stuff. Which usually takes more than one try.

Due to my incredible self conscious personality I severely lack the patience it takes for Angelo to figure that stuff out, which usually ends in a fight, and I have to fake being happy for the pictures, because well… we are not coming back.

We get the shots that we need, I usually don’t look at them, either because I’m upset or because I don’t want to be frustrated with myself, and we head home. Honestly, my husband is an absolute SAINT OF A MAN for putting up with me, because even just writing all this gives me anxiety.

The moral of the story is, seriously…. these pictures are so much more than what you see on the ‘gram. Of course, it isn’t always as dramatic, but I wanted to share with you just how misleading social media can be. Of course, I’m really loving what I do, and I’m slowly reigning my teenage drama self in, there are still some bumps in the road.

This photo in particular has done so well, mostly thanks to my husband, and I thought it was quite ironic how well it’s been received compared to how the idea actually came about. So yeah… Honesty is always the best policy.







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