Why I Love Packing, Especially in Europe

So for those of you who don’t already know, we are moving from our beloved, technically first real apartment. Well, an apartment with more than 1 room lets just put it that way.

This is what it looks like, it’s a long video but worth it I promise. (Give it a watch, subscribe if you’re feeling generous!)

We are staying in Pavia, but our new apartment is much more modern. Cue the air conditioning and a normal ceiling. I would also just like to point out that we are NOT BUYING an apartment, just renting. I’m fairly sure that if you were to buy an apartment, otherwise known as sacrificing your first born child, it would be a whole different story.

I’ve been packing  up our little Italian apartment (I say I because Angelo has been busy with his thesis) for almost 2 weeks now, not 24/7 but bit by bit. It’s been good, and at the risk of sounding pathetic, fun actually. It’s a chance to throw away things we don’t need, things that we didn’t even know we had, and of course, clothes… all of those clothes. It’s honestly the best, I love packing.

My family, as in mom, dad and brother and I, have been packing literally since I was born. I’m a born traveler, so I am no stranger to packing. I am relatively new to doing the actual packing, I just always watched my parents do it, while I blissfully pretended I was some sort of animal in the garden. Packing always brings with it the sense of adventure, something new, the start of a different chapter. You get to recreate yourself and your space. There are few things better to me than change. (Okay yes, puppies, ice-cream, maybe the feeling of being sun kissed… the list could go on, but for the sake of my point, I won’t).

There are loads of reasons why moving in Europe, while you’re renting, is much easier and also cheaper than in South Africa (or in any country of Africa that I have lived). Here’s why; Firstly, most of the apartments here, or around this area anyway, come fully furnished, and by fully furnished I mean a large part of the cutlery and dishes (we wash it first) also comes with the apartment. Which means you don’t actually own any of the furniture in the apartment, which is both a  good and a bad thing. The good side being, there is less to pack and much less to pay for when it comes to physically moving the things. We don’t have to rent a truck, or hire people for manual labour, we pack boxes and walk them to an apartment, or ask to borrow a car.


The bad side is that the furniture in your home is never really yours. You can always buy your own furniture, but why buy a brand new couch when you already have one. It also sometimes feel that, apart from the odd picture, you can’t exactly decorate your house the way you want to. That’s okay though, I guess there will still be plenty of time for that later on in life.

Another really great thing about living, and moving around in Europe is that YOU NEVER HAVE TO BUY BOXES. Literally, we have moved apartments twice now, and we have never bought one single cardboard box. Reason being; on a certain day of the week (I can’t remember exactly what day) it is the paper collection day, which means all the big companies and shops have boxes that they leave outside to get collected. Obviously some of these are disgusting, but the majority of them are in good shape. So we get to take them and use them ourselves.

This is what our house looks like at the moment…

IMG_20180702_171714.jpg(That’s Angelo just fixing a cupboard that we had ‘adjusted’ so that it would fit into a smaller space. Yeah, this is what we are living in for the next couple of weeks.)

Please take note of the boxes, which technically belong to a beauty company which is in the apartment below us. These are all of our ‘non-clothes’ items.

Another great thing is that because we don’t have furniture or really anything else that isn’t clothes, the large majority of our things are just that, clothes. There might be some books and pictures, but the majority of the things we have to move are clothes (all in the black bags). Which means that moving all of it is a piece of cake. I can carry almost as much as Angelo can. We also don’t have a TV because streaming here is so easy, so the only high-tech object we have to transport is our computer. (Which to be honest is basically the same size as a TV anyway)

During this move, from our current apartment to our next one, we aren’t moving very far, distance wise. So that means that we can literally walk our stuff in bags from our house to the next. Hooray, gym and a new apartment.


There you have it folks. The reason why I absolutely love packing and moving house. I’ve done it a couple of times already, and I will do it a few more I’m sure.

Let me know in the comments whether you like packing or not, and why?

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