Four Mistakes You Make When Packing a Carry – On

We do quite a few one or two day trips around Italy, on low cost airlines, hello to the single income/ student life. Which means that we almost never take luggage with us that has to be checked in. Sometimes because the airline doesn’t have that option, but mostly well.. to save our cash dollar. Usually, you can’t even bring a handbag with, so literally just one bag, whether it be a backpack or an actual suitcase. So yes, I have done loads and loads of packing, specifically in only carry – on luggage. I’ve made many mistakes when it comes to packing, and I feel as if I’ve finally got it down, with as minimal ‘problems’ as possible. I’ve realized that there are four common mistakes that everyone does when packing, practice makes perfect!


  1. Use the Zipper Lining

If you have that part in your suitcase, you know the part of your bag that you can close to create a ‘mini section’ inside your bag? Use it. Whether it be for your dirty clothes, or what we use it for, all of the “extra” things you need packed. Closing the zipped areas seems to create more space, and stops whatever is in there from being thrown around too much, we usually use that area for the laptop or camera.

2. Plan Your Outfits

I usually try to plan my outfits accordingly, and make sure that I don’t over pack. For example, I wold probably only pack one pair of jeans for the winter time (While I wear the leggings on the plane, or vice versa) and usually try and limit my shoes to one or two pairs. Summertime is much easier, for our most recent trip to Sardinia I packed only one beach outfit for the entire time we were there, because I knew that I would spend most of my time in a bikini anyway (so I packed three of them).

Pants are usually the easiest things to pack, you only need about two pairs, and you can pack more T-shirts, in order to change the vibe of your outfit. Packing for the summertime is a dream, because you get to pack dresses. Aren’t dresses the absolute best?! You get to pack the top and bottom half of your outfit with only one garment of clothing, perfection.


3. Put Your Toiletries in a Bag

This sounds like something you would do anyway right? Which to be honest, probably should be how you pack your toiletries anyway, but I’m going to explain why it’s so important. You know that last minute shampoo? DON’T JUST THROW IT INTO YOUR BAG.

Seriously, way often than what I would like to admit, I’ve done some last minute packing, and more often than not the above mentioned toiletries will leak into your bag and ruin your very limited outfit options. Another thing that having your toiletries in an extra little bag helps with, is that generally because you only have carry – on luggage, you’re usually not as careful with it. Well, we aren’t anyway. I tend to try and squeeze it into spaces or lift it up and move it around much quicker than I would a much bigger, heavier bag. This means that the things inside your bag are going to move around a lot more, lids can come off, bottles can open. Pure horror stories. This way, you keep all of your ‘wet’ objects away from your clothes, or anything else.


As a side note, NEVER EVER pack toiletries over 100ml those guys will throw away anything, trust me. #noregrets Even if it’s just by accident, they will give you ZERO chance, just gone, in the trash, no matter how valuable or expensive.

4. Hardcovers are Best, and Wheels

There are very few things worse to me than a carry – on bag that doesn’t have a hardcover. We have two different carry- ons, one with a hard casing, and the other without. The one with the hard shell is by far the better one to travel with, it also seems to have much more space in it. Carry – on’s with soft covers are terrible. Mostly because you can’t really put anything valuable in them. All of our valuables have to be put into one bag, which means less clothes.

Last, but definitely not least is the fact that you’re FOR SURE going to want to have a bag with wheels. Running through the airport with a bag that doesn’t have wheels is not exactly the easiest task. Part of you feels as if you’re trying out for a crossfit competition. Plus, when your bag has wheels its usually one that stands vertically, and if you’re anything like me, you like to use your bag as a foot rest while you are waiting to board your flight.


There you have it folks, all of the information that I can think of on hand about what you need to know when packing just a carry – on bag. I still have many more places to travel, and many more bags to pack. No doubt I will make some more mistakes, but fear not, you will be the first to hear about them. P.S. Here’s another added extra; pack your socks and underwear into your shoes. It saves so much space!

Do you have any tips? I want to hear them, leave me a comment!

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