Why You Should Always Steal the Little Shampoo Bottles From Hotels


I mean, I don’t see it as stealing, technically I paid for the room, so it’s mine right?! I can’t exactly give used shampoo back. Imagine trying to rinse off the shampoo back into the bottle, haha, cracks me up. There are some practical uses to “stealing” (I’m going to stop using that word now, it makes me feel dirty) the shampoo from a hotel. Apart from the thrill you get trying to hide the fact that you took it, and then completely feeling like a peasant wants your little thrill has worn of, I’m going to tell you why we do it.

Those little bottles are hella’ handy when it comes to anything travel sized. We usually just throw out the shampoo that was in the little bottle, usually its one of those shampoos that double up as body wash and even toothpaste if you try hard enough (Joke). We fill them with our shampoo and VIOLA you have your very own travel sized shampoo bottle, because the Air BnB’s we stay in don’t always have shampoo to give you.


You also don’t have to only put shampoo in there, depending on the shape of the bottle, you can use it for cream or sunscreen. These little bottles are not only perfect travel size, they are also under the usual restrictions when it comes to on board liquids, which is usually a problem with shampoos and creams. Stupid airlines. I get it though, bombs and stuff.

Now I know what you are thinking… ” Jeepers Courtney, what has your mother taught you?! Why don’t you just buy your own bottles, THIEF!”

Firstly, my mother didn’t teach me this, I taught myself all on my own. She would most likely either be proud of my ingenuity or disgusted at my ability to openly declare that I take things from a hotel. (Sorry mom) Unlike my gran who used to shamelessly steal packets of salt and sugar from cafe’s and restaurants… sometimes she would literally ask for those little packets of sauces so that she could take them home with her.

Secondly, I DO BUY THEM ALL THE TIME. These little travel sized bottles disappear almost as fast as those little black hair pins do . (You know the ones). Honestly, I buy them all the time and I think after you have use them once they just automatically disappear, I’m not kidding, they are like a wish from a Genie. Use them once, *Poof* Gone.


Another good use for these little shampoo/ body wash bottles. Is that you can hand them out, give them to someone who is maybe less fortunate than you. I would not recommend giving them as birthday presents, that could go bad. Very bad. It basically cost you nothing, if you don’t count the cost of the hotel room, and its a nice gesture to someone who maybe couldn’t afford the “luxuries” themselves.

It’s also not a very big object, I actually once took an entire laundry bag from a hotel, accidentally (on purpose) because I though that it would be very useful, which it has been I will have you know.

Angelo always makes fun of me when I take these things from the hotel rooms, but guess who comes running when they need shampoo or cream for a trip, you guessed it, Mr ” We aren’t peasants, don’t take that” himself. I do realize that this post could severely damage my prospect of ever getting invited to a hotel in the future, but hey, I’m here to serve, and more than likely take your shampoo bottle.

Something that absolutely grinds my gears, and I mean I get it.. national safety and all, but the 100 ml liquids rule. Oh my goodness, it is the bane of my existence. Often when we pack, I will be in a rush and accidentally put something in my bag that is slightly over 100 ml, as in maybe 150 ml or 175 ml, not enough to construct a bomb, I don’t think. Anyway, if you can make something out of 150 ml of liquid you probably deserve the plane.


Funny story time, our most recent trip, I had accidentally forgotten my very expensive and specialized face wash. I had to run back from our hired car, to our apartment to go and fetch it. We were already running late, and I didn’t have time decant it into a smaller bottle. I was secretly hoping that they would hear my explanation, of the terrible condition of adult acne, see the evidence and maybe just maybe let me get away with slightly over the recommended amount. I was so stupid. My bag went under the x-ray, they pulled me over as if I had just tried to smuggle 10 Kg’s of cocaine, and made me unpack everything. Okay, okay, I get it, I did wrong. After they found the mysterious bottle, which I had wrapped in a towel, NOT TO HIDE, but to make sure it didn’t leak out onto my limited amount of clothes. Obviously I was incredibly embarrassed, not only because there were people there secretly judging me for being a drug mule, but also because it looked like I had tried to hide it. The officer picked the bottle up, looked at me, pointed and said “Not over 100 ml.” , and before I could even say goodbye just threw it away. Goodbye magic serum. Now I was facing five days of washing my face with shower gel.

So taking those little bottles is a blessing in disguise. I could have saved my magic serum if I had a little bottle on hand. What also nice about the bottles is that they usually have some sort of label on them already, so you don’t have to remember what liquid is in what bottle.

Do you take the little bottles from hotel? If not, you should probably start.


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