If it Ain’t too Much Truffle, Let’s Hike.

About a week and a half ago, we ventured into the region of Emiglia-Romana in Italy and we indulged in a whole lot of eating and a whole lot of walking, not necessarily in that particular order. Let me tell you, there was a lot more food involved than there was walking.

Let me give you a little bit of the background information. This hike and eating bonanza was going to be a full weekend affair (we left on Saturday morning, and only got back on Sunday at 8 pm). We departed in the cold, in our hiking gear, which to be honest is less of actual hiking gear and more of these-can-get-dirty clothes. We chose a hike that would only take us two and a half hours, because we had to make sure that we would be home in time for dinner. Italians take their dinner time seriously, like I’ve said before, food is life here. When we reached our starting point of the hike, which was about 3 hours by car, we bought lunch to have along the way, and Angelo bought water (Naughty, naughty buying plastic), I brought my own.

It’s important to mention that at this specific spot there are more than just one hike, we chose the Green Hike, a “medium” level hike, that wouldn’t take too long. Then we set off. One thing we didn’t exactly prepare for before we left was the amount of frost on the newly fallen leaves, so we saw a far amount of slips and slides.

As a side note this is what I packed for our two hour trip: naturally I brought my most trusted Binny Bag backpack with, filled with tissues (I feel like a middle aged woman already) water, lip balm, sunglasses from Execuspecs (My latest and greatest sunnies, read about them at the bottom of this post) a dress, just because you never pass up the chance to look like a Disney princess, and a journal. Of course the camera was all included but Angelo carried that.

The hike was the usual, with incredible sights and lots of laughs along the way, we got to eat our lunch with an incredible view, something truly out of a fairy tale and then we headed back. We must have finished the hike a lot quicker than two and a half hours, because by the time we got back to the small town we departed from, had coffee, and climbed into the car we still had plenty of time left. That’s when the decision was made to venture to mountain number 2, and probably the highlight of my weekend!

This mountain is insane, it literally comes shooting out of the ground. As beautiful as it is, it has a harrowing story, because it’s a “known” place for suicides. Pretty scary stuff. It took us about 20 minutes to reach the top, and believe me when I tell you that it feels so surreal when you’re on the top. It looks and feels like a park but it is surrounded by sheer cliffs. I can understand how people believe in a flat earth, because I’m imagining it something like that. It is just the craziest feeling, with the most insane view. We got up there at the perfect time, there were hardly any people and the light was perfect, a bloggers dream. I felt like a really fairy prancing about on the top of the world. This is where my dress comes in, yes I put it on behind a tree. (This blogger life is not always glamorous)

After our other-worldly experience up there on that mountain we headed home for dinner.  Dinner was consumed at a rapid rate, being that it was some of the best lasagna I have ever tasted, and after that the biggest, best and most delicious chocolate brownie cake to ever exist. (I was going to use moist there, but I resisted). Followed by a little “The Hobbit” watching episode which resulted in us falling asleep on the couch.

We got to sleep in a bit the next morning, in a room that made me feel like I was back in the womb, it was so warm and dark. I could have stayed there forever. Alas, it was not to be, and we headed out at 11 am to the Truffle Festival. This was clearly something no one wanted to miss. We traveled about an hour by car to get there and by the time we arrived it was packed. Families, children, dogs, everyone was there. We did a quick loop of the market itself, which was mostly filled with cheese, truffles, hams, and roasted chestnuts. Along with the odd house item and such. Then we headed into a big basketball gym. We got assigned to a table that we would be sharing with another family and settled in for the afternoon (I was actually not prepared for the amount of time this lunch would take).

The meal that we were about to have was going to be 5 courses, the first Tortelli Verde al Tarftufo, followed by Risotto al Tartufo. Second course was Scaloppine ai Fungi, our main course was Brasato di Manzo con Polenta al Tartufo. Then to finish off lunch we had two deserts. Welcome to the land of good food.

Before coming to Italy, I wasn’t even sure what truffles were, but trust me when I tell you that once you taste them, there is just no going back. We started off nice and slow, pacing ourselves for the 5 course meal. All the while there was a band of guys walking around the hall playing trombones, it essentially became the Oktoberfest of Italy. There where raffles being shouted down and children running amok. I was so happy to be there. The food was great, the music and atmosphere was good, and we ended up heading out at about 5 pm.

From there we headed back to the house to fetch our stuff, and then home. All in all it was definitely a weekend that is going to be difficult to forget. Amongst the scenery and food, all of my senses were in awe.




  1. laura combrink
    December 4, 2018 / 6:59 am

    Such an amazing blog…..wow!!The photos and content are book worthy!!!

    • Courtney
      December 5, 2018 / 9:35 am

      Thanks number 1 fan 😉 Love you!

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