5 Tips to Seeing More Than Just an Empty Glass

I recently posted a picture on Instagram with a caption that explained how I am a “glass is half empty” kind of person. It got way more attention than I was expecting and received lots of comments along the lines of “me too” or “I feel like this sometimes as well”. The truth is, as uplifting and encouraging being on social media can be, there are also massive downsides, like comparison and the constant pressures of being “inspiring”.

I mentioned in the post that it takes me a considerable amount of effort everyday to stop my mood from going south. I literally practice positivity everyday. Yes, read that again, I practice positivity. I truly believe that if you’re like me and predisposition to negativity, you quite literally have to practice being positive. In no way have I ‘conquered’ being negative, but I have found ways that quiet the little terrible voice inside my head. The voice that constantly says “don’t even try.” “You’re not worth it.” “Why would someone listen to you” “You don’t know anything.”

If you have ever experienced this, I want you to stop what ever you’re doing right now. Take a deep breath, and listen when I say YOU ARE NOT ALONE. There are literally thousands of people feeling how you do, Yes, this is your journey, it might not be exactly the same as mine but I can offer my support or an ear to listen. I’ve practiced some thing daily that I have found gets my day off to the right start. I try and remember these everyday (Although it’s not always easy, I try).

  1. Wake up Before 8am

This is a relatively new rule of mine, because well… I love to sleep. I could literally lie in bed the entire day if given half the chance. That being said, I honestly do feel a sense of accomplishment when I manage to pull myself from my beloved bed before 8 am. I feel like it sets a good tone for the day, and I’m able to set my day in motion much earlier than normal. Besides, who doesn’t like starting the day feeling like you’ve accomplished something?!

2. Make Lists, or Write it Down

When I was at school it was always a bit of a joke that if I was every worried or stressed about something I HAD to write it down. It really does help though, for me at least. I feel as though if I write it down it won’t be forgotten, it lessens my anxiety. As an added extra, I am totally obsessed with all things stationary, and I recently received an incredible, personalized notebook from 13Sedicesimi. Check them out! Great for gifts or just writing down your “loose” thoughts.

3. Get Out

If it were up to me I would be a total recluse. Binging on Netflix and quite literally never leaving the house. That being said, whenever I’m having a bad day, and I have to leave the house for some or other reason, I find that it always does lighten my mood. Something about getting out of your little box of comfort seems to lift the spirits.

4. Be Grateful

Forever and ever be grateful. If you can pull yourself out of your dark cloud for only a little time, think about all you have and all you have to give. See others through the eyes of gratitude and I promise that dark cloud will feel a lot less dark. It is almost impossible to be sad or anxious when your heart is full of gratitude.

5. Surround Yourself With Only Good Energy

By that I mean ALL things good, people, music, quotes absolutely anything that keeps you personally motivated. I like to listen to podcasts and motivational talks as well as worship music. Try to completely immerse yourself in so much goodness, that it is almost impossible to get out. Listen, listen to the words of the music, pay attention to the quotes and have friends who keep you accountable, because it’s all to easy to fall back into the same routine, trust me, I know.

Always remember that it’s okay to start again, there are going to be many times where you feel like you’ve completely failed. Pick yourself up and start again, and again, and again. It’s okay, and normal to have to start again, it means you’re making progress. In the beginning it will be difficult, it will feel almost impossible, but do it. One day you will wake up and it won’t feel like starting all over again, it will just feel like continuing.

In an effort to “pay it forward” as it is put, I would like to start investing more of my time to a cause that is bigger than me, more meaningful. If you have any ideas of an organization, or company that is doing great things, or making a positive impact on their part of the world, drop me a message below. I would love to make their cause public, and help in any way possible, even if it is your own! I want in!

Next year I plan on doing my own little thing, on order to make the world a better place, but you’re going to have to wait until next year.

Keep your eyes open, because WE are going to change the world!



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