“The only battle I’ve ever fought against was insignificance.”

“So fight more.”

Honestly, how incredibly moving are these two sentences? I heard it in a movie called “Woman Walks Ahead” , you should watch it, it’s a goodie. So I have decided to share with you the deep reason behind me launching my own little space in the World Wide Web. Yes, it is to share my travel adventures. Yes, it is to share what I do more or less everyday. Yes, it is all those things, but it is also a lot more than that.

For years and years, all words relating or somehow linked to the word “Brave” have completely intrigued me. It’s not often that you would describe someone, especially a woman, as being “courageous” or “brave”  and for as long as I can remember, since childhood, that is all I have ever wanted to be. I never dreamed of being a princess in a castle, or marrying a handsome prince (although I have), I’ve always wanted to be a warrior of some kind. I always imagined myself as being a “Pocahontas” rather than a “Cinderella.” I wanted to be the one to save the day, go on an epic adventure, or find some sort of war to wage. I’ve always thought up situations of how I would survive if I was on a deserted island, or the last person in the world (my husband finds this very entertaining). All of that sort of “heroism” never the “damsel in distress”.

When people first meet me, these words don’t exactly jump to mind. I’m barely the height of a 11 year old, and I’m not what you would consider “hardcore” looking (apart from my tattoos). So bravery has always been something I have felt I needed to strive for. Being the bravest person to do it, always the one to go first at whatever extreme sport was being tried out. You see, my battle was not with the outside world, and how people saw me, it was with my own insignificance. I was afraid that if I didn’t live up to the image of bravery I had in my mind, what would I be? I would be weak, pathetic and in need of a hero. Something I wanted to avoid, someone that I never wanted to be.

The truth was, I was brave. I would be the first to jump off the cliff or the first person to do something no one else wanted to do. But I was brave in all the wrong things. Being the first person to do something stupid doesn’t make you significant, it just makes you stupid.

When we first moved to South Africa from Botswana, I was scared. We had moved a lot around Botswana, but believe me when I tell you we moved to villages, not big cities. I knew that this move would completely shake up my world. I had no idea what outfits looked good on me, I had always worn second- hand clothes. I had no idea about social media, I didn’t know about make up, or how to do my hair. What I did know, wouldn’t matter. I knew how to track an animal, I knew which plants I could eat and which to avoid, I knew most of the different types of antelope and buck, but I also knew that that wouldn’t matter, or make me cool. I had to put my brave face on and make friends. I remember standing in my first school assembly and not knowing the national anthem while all the other kids were singing, it may seem insignificant, but to a teenager who never wanted to look uncool, it meant a lot.  It was in those moments that I learnt a valuable lesson: bravery isn’t something you are born with, it has to be acquired.

I have never been brave enough to do anything that could fail. The first time I started a blog, I wanted to do it with someone because that way we would both be responsible. I was scared to put my whole self on the line, because that way it would be me, and only me, to put myself out there. Well, look how well that turned out. Bravery has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what you do for others.

You’re not brave if you save yourself from a sinking ship, that’s just called survival. You’re brave if you think about others first. Save someone else, nobody goes down in history because they saved themselves from a situation, they are called “survivors”, you’re only a “hero” if you get to save someone else. Someone who may not ever be able to repay you. Being brave means to put yourself in a situation that you would more often than not get nothing in return.

It’s been my dream for as long as this blog has been in my mind (a good 5 years) to encourage others to be brave. Be brave around the world. Make some sort of difference where you are. Even if that just means you’re being brave with yourself. Start that blog, write that book, it could potentially save someone who gets to reading it.

This world, now more than ever, needs a “Little Brave”  all it takes is just a little. So go out, fight more battles, win more wars. Be a little braver than you were yesterday, and sit back and watch the world change before you. It’s never not going to be scary, trust me, it’s always going to keep you up at night, but bravery doesn’t mean the absence of fear, it’s the strength to overcome it.

This might seem completely irrelevant for a travel blog, but I don’t feel like it is. I have the opportunity to travel to different places, meet new people and hopefully impact them. It’s a constant reminder to me that where ever I go, the world will always need a little brave.

Now that I’ve mentioned all the ways that I want to change the world, I want to build a community around #Littlebravebabes because I truly believe there are like minded people in this world, who deeply want to make a difference. So I have started a GoFundMe campaign, in order to gather money for people or animals in need.

Our first point of call is helping out a company in Moorea, French Polynesia. The company; Coral Gardeners, aims to restore the coral reefs, and we can help out by adopting coral, which they then plant. We get to name them and at the end get a certificate. Each coral is 25 Euros, so let’s give a try for 4?! Why not make a small different where we can.

I love the ocean, my gran always loved the ocean, and it’s a place that literally sustains the world. Coming from South Africa, the ocean plays  a huge role in daily life, both for feeding people, as well as economically. SO LETS DO THIS!

To donate go to Let’s Make a Difference, Adopt A Coral.

Help Change the world!!


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