2 Dresses and a Traveler

Authors note: Before you start reading this, I just want to reassure you that I would NEVER endorse a product that I wouldn’t use myself. I know a lot of bloggers have been given a bad reputation for essentially becoming human billboards, who will advertise anything and everything, that’s not what I stand for. It might seem like it’s just something that I would say to sell a product but I can promise you it’s true. I’ve turned down many offers of work that I don’t agree with, or wouldn’t use, so I can’t endorse it to you. I made a mistake like that the first time, with a company I will not name, and it ended up with me receiving a cheap ripoff, and I had to pay shipping. so trust me when I say this is legit.

About a week and a half ago I was contacted by a company, Ever Pretty, through Instagram to collaborate with them. So here it is, my review, if you wish, on my two amazing dresses.

At first I was slightly skeptical of the quality of the dresses. I was worried that it would turn out to be that cheap, chinese like quality that you usually find online, and at such low prices… but I was wrong. These dresses are so gorgeous, and heavy (that’s a weird thing to say I know, but it’s true) they sit perfectly. The sizing charts and instructions are also very helpful and the sizes turned out to be just right.

Their customer service is incredible and I got my package delivered on time.

The first thing that I noticed when I visited the site was their wide range of products, they have evening wear, boho style dresses and even cocktail dresses, that are fit for any and every style!

I wanted to make sure that I could get an accurate gauge on the quality of their products, so I ordered a simple cocktail/summer dress (in a colour I usually wouldn’t wear) and an elaborate evening gown that made me feel like the mother of dragons. I was not disappointed, both of the dresses lived up to the quality that was advertised, the colours and the sizes were perfect.

Naturally the evening gown was slightly longer on me, but I am almost classified as an elf, so it’s understandable. Another thing that really made me excited to try these out was the fact that there is an built in padding, so say goodbye to the bra ladies… these dresses are amazing! They have so many small details that aren’t done any justice by my photos, but in person are spectacular.

Something that I really loved about the evening wear was the small details on the shoulder piece, as well as the sequin bodice.

I mean….

Something I wouldn’t usually wear but it made me feel very elegant! If you want the same feeling, or you want to treat yourself to something special click HERE to have a look.

The summer dress is absolutely stunning, I love the lace on it, and the feminine fit. The feathered bottom is also very flattering and I can’t wait to wear it this summer. Click HERE to check it out.

Anyway, I have a special link for you to look into these dresses yourself.

As an added extra, they are having a sale, so take a look! Just click HERE and you’ll be able to shop all the dresses to your heart’s desire, and at a special price too!

Another great thing you can discover from this site is that they have incredible options for weddings. I’m always looking for an appropriate dress to wear to weddings, or even a wedding dress, now you have that option, literally at your fingertips!

Find anything from bridesmaid dresses, actual wedding dresses, to guest wedding dresses, just click the links below!

Bridesmaid dresses

Wedding Dresses


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