The Kay and Monty Experience

I was lucky enough to be invited to Kay and Monty for an incredible wine tasting experience as well as a whole lot of food! To say I was excited would be an understatement.

Kay and Monty is located just outside Plettenberg Bay, close to the Crags, and is a little piece of paradise amongst the horses and vineyards along the Garden Route. I have visited Kay and Monty before, and was amazed by their friendly service and their incredible location. It felt as if we had traded our lives in the city for the quiet of a farm.

This time it was slightly different. The weather was terrible; meaning cold and rainy. Unlike our previous visit, I was skeptical as to how our visit would turn out. I shouldn’t have been.

The warm fire greeted us as soon as we walked into the barn style hall. The wrap around glass doors allowed all the natural sunlight in. As well as providing a 360 view of our surroundings. All you needed was a glass of wine, right?!

We sat down at our table, after warming up by the fire and just admired the surrounding mountains covered in mist. Prudence, our waitress, then greeted us and brought us a full selection of wines to taste.

Amongst these were; Big Red, SAV and MCC (which was the crowd favorite). “Champu” was what the original owners called the MCC, well more specifically Kay herself. A personal story was shared with us, with each wine that was offered. All based off of the stories around the couple that the farm is dedicated to; Kay and Monty.

The relaxing afternoon was only going to get better. Then came the food platters. A meat and cheese platter, a salad and an entire loaf of bread. For four people, it was more than enough. We didn’t even manage to finish it all.

The food itself was something I would travel to experience again. A wide array of sauces, cheeses and finger foods to pick on. Sharing a food platter while you watch the rain fall is something that isn’t easy to forget. This place is magical, on both a sunny or rainy day.

We took our time to eat, and drink. Laughing and enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with being surrounded by the South African countryside. Paddocks filled with professional polo ponies surround the entire property too.

If this doesn’t impress you, let me let you in on a little secret. Kay and Monty not only boasts a wide selection of their own wines and amazing food. But also the opportunity for outdoor activities; such as hiking or biking routes. They also have a horse drawn cart which takes guests around the property, and back to the hall for lunch.

One can also stay in the original farm house. The farm house caters for up to 10 people and has been renovated. So if you’re looking to escape the city, eat well and drink good wine… what better place to be?!

I was in South Africa for an entire month, visiting the likes of Cape Town, St Francis, Port Elizabeth and Plett. We got to spend time with our friends and family, as well as take in the local flavors that we have missed so much. This was definitely one of my highlights.

I can’t sit here at my computer, and pretend to know much about wine. In all honesty, I’m no where near what you would call a “connoisseur”, but I do know a good experience when I see one. Kay and Monty offers something so unique to South Africa that I truly think all people should visit at least once. I can’t wait to go back!


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